Ask-A-Salty: Treadmill Q&A Session

Today we’re doing a different kind of Ask-A-Salty and asking you, our readers, to help us with our Treadmill Tip of the Week series by bringing us your questions and suggestions in the comments. Are you wondering if it’s normal to ______? Have you always been confused by ______? Here’s a chance to ask us your treadmill questions in an open forum! Whether it’s about one of our previous treadmill more » Read more

How to Pack Your Track Bag

I am getting more and more excited every day for the start of indoor track season! Racing on the track is one of my favorite parts about being a collegiate runner and I know some of you (well, for lack of a better word) older runners out there might be looking to try out a track race or two this year. To help you and other track newbies, I thought more » Read more