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Oh yeah. Training logs.  Salty says I have to, so here I go.  Watch me as I haphazardly try to convert a 1:45:30 half marathon time into a 3:35 marathon in the Fingerlakes this fall!

In the first installment of Cinnamon’s Big BQ Adventure, I’m having trouble settling into a training plan.  Although I’ve been putting in plenty of work on my feet I’ve been otherwise lazy about getting the plan together.  For a minute there I tried to start following a plan I found on Cool Running, but what a bust!  That plan was too low mileage and made no sense and after one week I realized I hated it.  Sorry, Cool Running.

Then last week I traveled to Ohio to visit my family where Salty (my sister) lit a fire under my tush, and I started to get a real plan together.  I’m working on that now, but probably won’t have it finalized until next week.  Until then, I’m sort of winging it…sort of.  I am a certified coach after all, and I know what to do!

My main goal with this plan is to incorporate more running by feel, which I think of as the Ginger method.  I think shifting my focus away from hitting faster and faster paces will help prevent me from overextending myself and possibly getting injured again, particularly when my race goal of 3:35 is a major stretch at this point in my career.  The best thing for me will be to trust in my speed work to achieve the pace and trust my body to know when I can push it and when to dial back.

With that in mind, here’s my version of winging it for last week, 14 weeks out from my goal race:

Sunday, 6/30 – 12 mile long run

Monday, 7/1 – squeezed in 45 minutes between social engagements, around 4.5 miles

Tuesday, 7/2 – off, with a 9 mile drive to Cleveland from Brooklyn

Wednesday, 7/3 – Speed work with my sister!  20 minute warmup, 8x 400m @ 1:40 pace, 1x 800m @ 3:30 pace, 15 minute cool down. I’m calling it 7.5 for the day.

Thursday, 7/4 – 6 miles with my sister

Friday, 7/5 – 7 miles easy

Saturday, 7/6 – Planned to swap my 14 mile Sunday long run to today in lieu of the 4 miles I had planned, but it just didn’t happen. Family engagements were just more important.  0 miles.

Total for the week: 38 miles. Total planned was 40, and with so much travel I feel pretty good about the 38.


Here’s my approach for next week:

S – off (driving)

M – 14 miles in the AM

T – Speedwork (with my team) in the PM – 4x 1000 m repeats @ 4:25. 20 min warmup, 20 min cd (about 8 miles total)

W – 45 minutes very easy

Th – 5m tempo at race pace, 2m warmup (7 total)

F – 60 minutes

Sat – 30 minutes easy (I’ll have my LSD the next day).

That should put me around 42 miles for the week, give or take.

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  1. Ginger Ginger says:

    Looking forward to following this! I have a late September marathon and fell off a bit in the beginning due to life events. But more than ever now, I’m running entirely by feel! I’ll admit it was stressful at first because we are so used to living by the number of miles but glad to hear that running by feel is working for you, too!

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