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An environmental consultant with a passion for running and its many facets including marathons, pacing, ultras and more. Chronic left side issues have me cycling more than running these days but I still think fondly of my recent efforts to be sub-elite.

First ride for a new local Women's Cycling Group!

First ride for a new local Women’s Cycling Group!

Yep, still being a bit of a slacker here. I need to pick a goal race or I am doomed to be a weekend warrior. My left calf has been a bit angry since last Sundays long run, and it has me a bit worried, but I am hoping I am just being overly paranoid and that it will loosen up with some TLC. This week I didn’t make it to the gym at all and the workouts were mostly of the endurance/aerobic nature. But I did get in a few good efforts on the bike thanks to a group ride Friday, and a hilly ride with the boyfriend Sunday. Only one run this week (hiding head under covers).



Wednesday-Commute to and from work = 25 miles. Felt pretty tired on the commute home.


Friday-18 mile ride with 7 other ladies

Saturday-8 trail miles with Salty!

Sunday-40 mile bike with 4 monster climbs (Cat 4)

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  1. Salty Salty says:

    One run, but it was a good one! One of my favorite runs of the week. I liked it so much I ran to the park and pretty much did the same run again and this time it felt way harder. A testament to good company :) Hope that calf starts behaving!

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