5 Lessons For Running From “The Real Housewives”


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46253nhnw6sy1lc-300x225 Reality TV is often far from the reality the rest of us live.  Maybe that is why I watch it; I start to feel better about my own life when I see the “reality” of those people.

This post is an attempt to turn some of the worst of all reality shows into a lesson for running, and even life.  I’ve spent way too much time watching this schlock to not have something to show for it. (If I told you that sometimes I watch while I’m on the treadmill, will that make you judge me less?  Cuz, yeah, I have used episodes to multi-task, i.e. get through my backed-up DVR and run at the same time). I knew all these hours of Bravo TV viewing were meant for a higher purpose. These crazy Real Housewives have plenty to teach us about life and running.  You can thank me for sacrificing my time in the name of improving your running later.

First to Atlanta!

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1. Kim Zolciak-Biermann.  Watching Kim’s diet and exercise regime is a lesson in what NO PERSON should ever consider doing.  She’s about short cuts, gimmicks that offer an amazing body with pretty much no work.  One of the craziest was a laser treatment to get rid of cellulite.  Which doesn’t sound so crazy until you consider that as she was on the bed, she was eating pizza.  So never eat pizza while running … er … I mean, there are no shortcuts in running. No crazy scheming will get you faster other than hard work + consistency + patience.  And now New Jersey …

2. Teresa Giudice.  Running is a great outlet for dealing with strong emotions.  This is the lesson we can learn from Teresa.  Maybe if Teresa did more running, her angry outbursts with the rest of the NJ Housewives would be fewer and farther between.  Feeling angry?  Don’t flip a fully-set table in a restaurant, just go for a run. On to Beverly Hills …

3. Adrienne Maloof.  Adrienne has had a tendency to give off a one-upper vibe.  When someone from the group has a new venture, she has had moments of, “Oh, I have that, too,” instead of a simple “congrats!” and letting that person have her moment.  So, when talking with your running friends and one has exciting news about a new PR or something, don’t take that moment to talk about your own.  Be happy for her and leave it at that! And back across the country to New York …

Bethenny Frankel brings SkinnyGirl Margaritas ...

Dream big, ladies!(Photo credit: CynthiaSmoot)

4. Bethenny Frankel.  When you set a running goal, you have to go for it!  To do that, you need to seize opportunities and get yourself out there.  Staying asleep isn’t the way you keep a dream alive.  You want that PR, you need to work for it!  Bethenny had a vision of the perfect lo-cal beverage and she made it happen. 

(The inclusion of Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Margarita is just for reference.  She’s not giving me or the site anything for it.  They sound kind of nasty if you ask me, but I’ve never had them, so what do I know?) 

Now back to Beverly Hills …

5. Yolanda H. Foster.  My personal jury vote is still out on Yolanda as a whole, but I have seen one part of her that makes for a good lesson.  She’s kind of the opposite of Adrienne Maloof.  When another cast member has a new venture, she is ready to support it…without doing a one-better.  Opening a store?  Yolanda will shop it.  So, what’s the lesson?  Support your fellow runners!  Be their cheerleader!


Has my research paid off?  Did you learn something today?

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  1. Aimee says:

    Yeah…I learned that when you live in a house with no tv/cable/internet, your ability to understand pop-culture references on blogs seriously plummets. I have no idea who these people are! No judgement, though…whenever I can poach a stray internet signal for my Kindle Fire, I usually end up indulging in old episodes of Project Runway on Hulu…

    Oh, and I once walked into a foo-foo women’s boutique where they were offering free samples of Skinny Girl while you shopped (yes, please!) It wasn’t too bad, but it’s not something I’d drink regularly. My current favorite is the very un-skinny Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale by Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co. (and no, they’re not paying me to advertise for them, either…I just know that I love getting post-run beer recommendations from various places. Gotta share the liquid calorie love!)

    • Jackie K says:

      Southern Pecan is my fave! I’m totally with you on not understanding the Real Housewives references. Never have, probably never will. Eh.

  2. Amanda says:

    Haha this is hilarious…thanks for the laugh on a Friday morning!

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