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An environmental consultant with a passion for running and its many facets including marathons, pacing, ultras and more. Chronic left side issues have me cycling more than running these days but I still think fondly of my recent efforts to be sub-elite.

I worked up a sweat, so this counts as a workout ;)

I worked up a sweat, so this counts as a workout ;)

Another week another training log. It wasn’t looking promising as the week started. I took Monday off intentionally, but then Tuesday went by with a lunch run bail because of rain (wimp) and a bailed evening trainer ride because I was just too darn tired. But I turned it around and managed to work in plenty for the entire week the last 5 days with a bonus night “workout” of dancing Saturday, and other than a bit of quad soreness I seem to have survived the week no worse for wear.



Wednesday- hour lunch run

Thursday-hour evening spinning class

Friday-early AM hour spinning class followed by 1400 meter swim. Lunch 55 minute run (First truly pain free run in over a year)

Saturday- 2 hour trainer ride followed by 1800 yard swim, bonus “workout” at the Beachland dancing that evening

Sunday- 60 minute run. Pushed the pace a bit on this one to stay with some of my running pals of past speedy days. Knock on wood, I don’t seem to have done any damage.

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  1. Salty Salty says:

    You were able to keep up, so that’s really great! And that photo is adorable :)

    • Pepper Pepper says:

      “able to keep up” is a little depressing when a year ago I could run twice the distance and a minute per mile faster chatty as Cathy ;) But it will come along. (or I’ll get knocked up, we’ll see ;))

  2. Mint says:

    Heh – I count dancing as cross training too! Glad to hear you are getting back at it with no ill effects.

  3. Ginger Ginger says:

    Wesley Bright?

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