Mint’s Training Log – 1.27.13


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At times like this, the treadmill really IS my friend,

Brrrr!  Old Man Winter hit Wisconsin hard this week.  Monday, with the wind chill, it was “feels like” -25.  Every morning this week, it was either in the low single digits or well below zero, so I spent a fair bit of quality time with the treadmill.  Running on the treadmill is hard for me.  It is just so painfully boring.  But I have to admit, it is weeks like this week I am so thankful I can still easily get my run in simply by heading downstairs.

Monday is my rest day.

Tuesday I had a fartlek workout on tap.  20 minute warm-up, then 4 x (2 minutes @ 6:40 pace; 1 minute recovery; 1 minute @ 6:40 pace; 30 second recovery; 30 seconds @ 6:40 pace; 2 minute recovery); 20 minute cool down.  I ended up with 8.4 miles (average pace: 8:20).  The workout wasn’t too hard and it felt great to get some quality work in.  I really needed that.

Wednesday I ran an hour easy on the treadmill – 7 miles (8:50 pace).

Thursday I was exhausted and ended up sleeping in.  That meant I needed to do my workout after work, which is always challenging.  Fortunately, I was able to get in 80 minutes with 4 pickups without too much trouble.  9.25 miles (8:41 pace).

Friday I ran 45 minutes easy on the treadmill.  5.2 miles (8:42 pace).  I also did my arm weights.

Saturday I was able to run outside!  Woo hoo!  It was sunny and in the 20s.  Since I had been on the treadmill all week, I intentionally hit some good hills.  I ran for 2 hours – 13.66 miles with 4 strides (8:47 pace).

Sunday I had an hour on tap.  I was scheduled to run at my easy pace (8:45-9:00), but I talked my husband into running with me and told him he could set the pace. We ran 4.2 together and then I talked my son into running the last 2.5 with me.  I ended up with 6.7 miles @ 9:20 average pace.  It was a bit slower than scheduled, but it was great fun to get to run with my boys!  :)

Total: 50.2 miles

This is the first 50 mile week in a long time, so I am pretty happy.  I am feeling much better this week too.  Next week I start 2 quality workouts per week and I am looking forward to taking things up a notch.  Bring it on!

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  1. Cilantro Cilantro says:

    Awesome week! I get to run outside this week (I’m in LA on business) and I can’t wait!

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