Trying to get my groove back.


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Lazy lady

Dear Santa:

I confess.  I’ve been naughty.  My slippers have seen more action than my running shoes.  Instead of my former schedule of five days running and two days off, I’ve done the opposite.

I wish I could blame it on pain and discomfort; on the physical difficulties of my recent surgery being much worse than I had anticipated.  This is most certainly not the case though.  

I have a list of excuses I could give for my butt being on the couch after work:

  1. My legs are stiff from standing on a concrete floor all day at work
  2. My sleep is out-of-whack and it is bringing on fatigue
  3. It’s dark
  4. I sneezed
  5. I have to go to the bathroom
  6. I have so much to do in anticipation of the Holidays

Are you accepting any of these?  Yeah, neither am I.  There is a counter argument to each of these:

  1. Actually working out my legs helps with stiffness
  2. My sleep would improve if I followed my former routine
  3. Um…I have a treadmill inside and this amazing technology known as street lights outside
  4. One sneeze does not mean illness (and running can even help with the sniffles!)
  5. Not running because I have to pee is just plain old ridiculous
  6. I work in a mall and have an hour lunch & really, 45 minutes of running and a quick shower only takes about an hour out of a 24 hour day

Shouldn’t this bring a smile to my face and a desire to have a fun run?

I could easily throw-up my hands and give-up.  Seriously, I know I could talk myself out of getting back to running.  My schedule is about to get much more complicated as we pursue IVF, and the regular appointments at a clinic that is quite a distance away and extended hours at work are giving me logistics based anxiety.  But the answer to this is really to be more structured, to come up with a schedule, not just saying, “I can’t” and walking away.

If I were my husband, I would be really pissed off at me (I know I’m pretty mad at me).  He assembled the treadmill and followed through with the holiday decorations, the LEAST I could do is use it more than twice.

[insert record scratching sound here] WOW, as I am typing this, a video of a cat using a treadmill with its owner just came on the t.v.  Now I really should be ashamed of myself.


Anthracite coal, a high value rock from easter...

Can discipline be a gift, or is it just a lump of coal for the naughty ones? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the gift I should give myself is discipline.  Some might think that sounds like getting a giant lump of coal, but I guess I’m trying to look at it from an adult perspective.  When I was a kid, this stuff was really lame.  My dad was in charge of filling stockings, and we would get candy and fun stuff, but there was always a toothbrush, and when we got older, a package of deodorant and razors were added.  Those weren’t fun and exciting gifts, but they were things we needed.  I know what I need in my stocking this year, I just gotta get off my butt to get it done.


How do you surmount the myriad excuses to not run? How do you get on track when all you want to do is kick back?

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  1. Michael says:

    Whether you are an inside runner (treadmill) or outside, this is the way.

    Set your alarm for 60 to 90 minutes earlier that you get up now. You will NOT be too tired later. It will not wear you down and make you sick. It will not affect your ability to recover from hard workouts or days.

    From the time the alarm goes off, just get up, put on the running clothes and start. DO NOT THINK ABOUT IT AT ALL. This is VERY important. When the alarm goes off, don’t think, just do.

    Run at least one mile no matter how you feel (unless you are actually running a fever or have a broken bone). The first mile will NOT be fun. Stop expecting it to be anything less than C.R.A.P. If it isn’t better after a mile, you can begin to entertain stopping.

    Do this either every day, or every day you have on the plan. Don’t change the plan if you have a hard day or expect to have one. Do this no matter what…let other things in your life take a back seat for a while.

    Your health and fitness are important. More important than most of what you have planned. Do that first always…that way you never have to work it in.

    Remember: Don’t Think….Just Do. :-)

    • Nutmeg says:

      I get what you are saying…I’m not sure I can do a 2:30 am run, though. I’ll have to work something out for the days I have the 5 am shift.

  2. Salty Salty says:

    I agree 100% with Michael. NO EXCUSES for giving yourself the best gift you can give yourself – mental and physical health! You deserve it! You might think it’s easy for all of us, but even the most dedicated among us struggle with life gets busy and throws lots of excuses our way. I am having a hard time getting down to my treadmill – I keep feeling like I don’t want to fight with kids to get it in, but that’s without even knowing they’ll fight me about it. Just now I headed down with the baby in the bouncy seat and my daughter (son was still sleeping after afternoon school) and a 50 minute walk was way no big deal. I had to kiss a boo boo and open some play dough, but otherwise I was uninterrupted and completely entertained by my daughter running around the basement and dressing up in race medals and such. It’s never as bad as we think it will be :)

    PS I love your dad. I can totally see him at Marc’s shopping for your stockings and filling them with the most mundane utilitarian stuff with the straightest of straight faces. Hilarious!

    PPS Being less stressed and as healthy as you can be can only help with the IVF, too!

  3. Cathryn says:

    Michael’s right…just get on the treadmill. I’m not unsympathetic at ALL, I’m the queen of excuses but I think even writing this post made you realise you need to go and run. I actually find it’s the same with prayer…I NEVER want to get down and pray, but when I do, life is so much better!!!

    I’m excited about the IVF too…if excited is the word, which it isn’t, I know.

  4. Sassafras says:

    Nutmeg, I love your festive treadmill! One thing I have done in the past is given myself little bribes… like, if I run on all the days I am supposed to, I can get a latte. If I get in my runs for 3 weeks in a row, I can get a pedicure. I will admit it sounds pretty childish (like star charts and chores), but it can really work!

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