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Wife. Mother. Runner. Educator. I spend my days leading teachers, my evenings and weekends chasing a toddler, and cram in running wherever I can!

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Age: 29

Country/State/General Vicinity: Houston, TX

Year you ran your first mile without walking: 1995

Year you became ‘a runner’: 1997

Why you started running: I kept trying different sports (softball, basketball, volleyball), but discovered that my greatest strength in each was running so I joined the track team.

Why you run now:  Sanity!  Running by myself is my thinking time where I can unplug from the world and rejuvenate.  Running with my spouse is what we call our “marital counseling.” It’s one way that we stay connected.

Month/Year you became a Salty Blogger: October 2012

What is your voice on Salty Running?  I suppose that I shall vary from the introspective to the sarcastic and practical, depending on my mood and what readers respond to.

What is your favorite category of posts on Salty Running?  “Making Time to Run” (a big challenge for me), “Marriage and Family” (I have both), and the training logs because I’m competitive and when I see others getting their miles in, I want to too!

What’s the most you ever spent on a sport bra? $60 on UnderArmour bras after I had my son and my boobs were huge from nursing.

First race: Junior High Track meet, probably the 400m and 200m dashes.

Last race: Bayou Bash 4x2mi Relay Race (April 2012)

3 Races you most wish you could run: Napa to Sonoma Wine Country ½ Marathon because I love wine; and if we’re being truly fantastical, the Ironman at Kona and the Antarctica Ice Marathon. Yes, they’re polar opposites (hyuk, hyuk), but it’d be impressive to complete either.

Favorite race: Austin Marathon 2009. It was my first marathon, and my now-husband proposed at the end!

Best running advice you’ve ever gotten: Run dumb.

First Running Shoe: Probably leftover basketball shoes until someone told me that they weren’t actually meant for running.

Do you run with a watch? What kind?  Religiously.  (Are you kidding?  My pseudonym is Thyme!)  Ironman watch from Target.

Running goals for 2012:  Complete my first 10k; finally find a consistent running schedule post-baby.

Current/Main/Favorite Shoe:  Are Vibrams a shoe?

How many pairs of running shoes are currently in your house? 6 – 3 are mine, 2 are my husbands, and my 1-year old has a pair of Nikes.

Running hero(es): The people at the back of any race who never give up.

Favorite Running Partner(s): My husband

Non-running hobby: Reading

Who’s in your household? My husband, myself, our son, and our 100-pound dog

Occupation (how you get your shoe money): Education – I work for a charter system called KIPP and coach all of the secondary English teachers.

Would you like to add anything?  I love running and writing, and am thus super excited to be a part of the Salty community!


1 mi: 5:44
5k: 21:52
13.1: 1:51:44
26.2: 4:17:43
Sprint Triathlon: 1:23:54

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