Cinnamon’s Training Log 3.24.12



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Cinnamon is 34 years old and works in TV and movie production. She recently finished the 2015 New Jersey Marathon in 3:53 and is working toward NYC 2015. Her writing is an eclectic mix of reflections on sports science, reactions to the body's limitations, satirical humor pieces and more.

The only real running I did this week was the NYC Half on Sunday. Coming off an injury my legs felt pretty weak, so I wanted to make sure I gave them lots of room to recover. My new job with the camera department provided me with plenty of running around to shake the lactic acid out, and I made sure to stretch every day and used The Stick to help massage my legs.  After almost a week, I feel great! I’m ready to go meet my running club this afternoon and attack some hills!  Uh… attack some hills slowly, I mean.

Here's me and Penny stretching out. She's doing the easy version.

Sunday – 13.10938 miles FAST!

Monday – Off

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Off

Friday – Off

Saturday – heading off to a 4 mile urban trail run with some friends!

Look out for my race report this week!  I’ve been so busy I could barely squeeze in time to write it but it’s coming!

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