Salty’s Weekly Training Log 2.19.12



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This was an interesting week for my “training.” After feeling awesome on last Saturday’s snowy trail run I decided to do another one of those and felt pretty awesome again. My hopes were up only to be smacked down on Friday at my orthopedist appointment. After a bazillion x-rays of my pelvis and back showed my spine and pelvis bones are near perfection he believes at this point that I have a bulging disk causing the sciatica.  I am not allowed to run or even elliptical for at least two weeks when I see him again for a follow-up. In the meantime, I start physical therapy (pt) next Friday. At my follow-up appointment he is going to assess the situation and see if I need to get an mri to check to see if my disk is actually herniated and not just bulging. Fingers crossed! Anyway, note how the beginning of the week I was hammering out some good workouts and then at the end of the week not so much! Oh well. I will adjust to the bike and swimming and it won’t be so bad. I am lucky to have an awesome friend and teammate, E who let me borrow a bike and trainer so I can work the bike in the comfort of my own basement. Maybe the biking and a little swimming will turn me into a triathlete. Now that would be funny.

Monday: 60 minute tempo effort elliptical (hr steady around 165 after initial build-up)

Tuesday: 8 miles of ignorant bliss on the snowy trails taking advantage of a sitter!

Wednesday: 72 minutes on the elliptical with 60 minutes of 2:00 on/2:00 off intervals. (got hr up to 173 for the last 2 intervals)

Thursday: off for a busy day.

Friday: off after depressing orthopedist appointment.

Saturday: 60 minute bike with 4:00 on/4:00 off intervals. (got hr up to a whopping 115 bpm. I need to work on my biking muscles!). Also went to a super fun surprise party for a teammate’s 30th!

Sunday: Another 60 minutes on the bike at a steady comfortable* pace.

Relaxing with E & NC at the party on Saturday night!

*Everything was comfortable except my poor unadjusted-to-biking bottom!

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