54 miles

Jimmie Lee Jackson. The inspiration for 54 miles. Image via Wikipedia.

Jimmie Lee Jackson. The inspiration for 54 miles. Image via Wikipedia.

I have run 54 miles before. I ran 1,381 last year and that is 54 miles several times over. But those miles were made possible in part by the 54 miles that were walked from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. It was called The March on Selma and those 54 miles affected my life and the life of many others and since this is African American or Black history month I should talk about it.

50 years ago today, to this very day, civil rights activist Jimmy Lee Jackson was shot to death by a state trooper as he peacefully demonstrating against restrictions to African American voting rights in Marion, Alabama. Outraged, but insisting on nonviolence, civil rights leaders called for a march of dramatic length from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama: 54 miles.

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Pants for Every Runner!

The best of both worlds: comfortable work pants and running shoes!

The best of both worlds: comfortable work pants and running shoes!

I’m going to talk to you about a very serious problem that plagues all of us female runners: pants. I’m not talking about our beloved running tights, ladies; I mean dress pants and – dare I say it – jeans. Oh, the horror!

As an athlete, I celebrate my muscular body. Unfortunately, it would seem not a lot of clothing companies do. Like most of you, I have a full-time job, and I am expected to dress the part of a professional every day. The problem: finding pants that fit comfortably and look … well, presentable. (I’m really not asking for much here.) Heck, Oregano can’t find pants that fit her frame, restricting her options to wearing only shorts and skirts, even in the winter! #thestruggleisreal Read more

Jasmine’s Training Log – 2.22.15

I’m stressed, so this week I’ll post a little different kind of log. Hint: nothing interesting happened on the running front this week. I did 70 miles and had an “I don’t feel like it” day where I got off of the treadmill to put out the trash and didn’t get back on. Here is the rest of the story in pictures.

Sunday night: Officially moved to Michigan. Well,"moved" is relative.

Sunday night: Officially moved to Michigan. Well,”moved” is relative.

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Introducing Honey!

Maybe I am crazy... about running!

Maybe I am crazy… about running!

Hi Salty Community!

Get ready for Honey, bringing a little bit of sweetness to balance out the sodium!  I fell in love with running specifically because of the sisterhood I found pounding the pavement along Chicago’s lakefront with the ladies at a shoe store’s weekly “Chicks Night.”  Now, a few years and more than a few miles away, I am excited to join another community of motivated women, and I’m looking forward to being inspired by you and your path while I share my own!

In my day-to-day life I’m a middle school Special Education teacher in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City. That earns me double you-must-be-crazy looks, believe me.  Yes, I teach inner-city adolescents. By choice.  Yes, I sign up for marathons. Repeatedly.  But there’s a great explanation: I’m not just addicted to sugar, I’m also addicted to challenges.  Speaking of, I just found a great trail half near the City that’s still open… Read more

Readers’ Roundtable: Do You Shave Your Legs in Winter?

Do you shave consistently all winter long?

Do you shave consistently all winter long?

Boy oh boy, at 40º Fahrenheit, yesterday was just balmy here in the Big Apple!  So when it was time for me to hit the road, naturally I took off my pants without hesitation.  Shorts time!

I don’t think about it too much usually, but last week the Salty bloggers were chatting about our legs, so when I saw the forecast I made sure to bust out a fresh razor and give my gams a quick once-over.  But then as I was cruising down 5th Avenue in the afternoon I started thinking about how silly it was.  I mean first of all, who’s looking?  But more than that, why do I even care?  It’s February, it’s been so disgustingly cold that shorts haven’t been much of an option.  In fact, leaving the house without tights has been unthinkable most days.  Frankly if I happened to check out some chick’s legs and notice she was sporting a fur coat on her calves I’d be a little jealous at how warm she must be.

So I gotta ask you gals: do you bother keeping your legs shaven in the cold months?  What are we doing this for!?

As always, we’ll take your answers in the comments!

5 Ways to Ensure Your Race is an #epicfail

fri5Race day nerves are just part of the drill, right?  In the days before a big race, adrenaline buzzes around your body, hopefully surging at the right time to bring you home to a PR.  But what happens if you use that adrenaline unwisely, by going out too fast in the first couple miles?  Or what if that adrenaline misfires even before the gun goes off, or worse, before you have even gotten to the race venue?

As I found out at a half a few weeks ago, you turn your race into an #epicfail.  Take it from someone who’s been there and lived to tell the tale, it’s not pretty.  But then again, it certainly is part of becoming a well-seasoned runner.

So just in case you want to get well-seasoned yourself and “enjoy” the same kind of experience, follow the jump to read my sto–er…I mean guidelines. Read more

Beginners Guide to Choosing a Goal Race

It's a great day to reach for a new goal! ("Brand New Day" Thomas Hawk-Flickr Commons)

It’s a great day to reach for a new goal! (“Brand New Day” Thomas Hawk-Flickr Commons)

Whether it’s your very first race or simply a distance you’ve never raced before, the primary goal of any beginner runner should be crossing the finish line intact.  As a beginner myself, I know just finishing that first distance race is a hard concept to swallow; all I was thinking during my first 5k was, “Am I there yet? What’s my time?”  What I wasn’t thinking about was that, in order to improve upon my 5k time, I first needed to finish a 5k!

Lucky for us beginners, 5k races are popular, and you can find one most weeks of the year.  But eventually you may decide to go longer, and that means investing more time in your training.  The trick is to choose a goal race, which is just a “runner lingo” way to say “this is the race I’m training for!”

If choosing the right race for you sounds like a daunting task, don’t worry!  It’s much simpler than you think! Read more

Online Dating and Runners

Wouldn’t it be nice to find someone to grow old with? Flickr Commons image by Indiana Stan.

About a month or so ago, I found myself single again and a little cynical about dating, but needing to “put my life back together,” and get back out there. So Salty had really great timing when she sent out a message to us about Fitness Singles. Mostly about how she and her husband make fun of the ads (how can you not? They’re pretty easy to laugh at), but also seeing if anyone would be interested in trying it out and writing about it.

Naturally, I was a little nervous as to what types of men would be on there, but I figured it was better than the nothing I was getting from Tinder at the time. So after some back and forth with my fellow Salties, kpruns100s had a Fitness Singles profile. Read more

Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Winter Running with Babies and Pets


I’ll take any excuse to put him in this!

Oh baby, it’s cold outside. Like, realllly cold outside.  We are talking snot icicles. Snowy eyelash mascara. 5 layers of running clothes and a sexy gaiter face mask. Yea, it’s winter in the northeast!

As of this writing it was 6 degrees with about 4 inches blanketing the streets of Columbus, Ohio. Icy patches made my 3 miler a bit treacherous. In a few days another clipper is supposed to hit with more snow, lows below 0 with a wind chill factor into the negatives. Greeeeat!  To keep up with winter training, I’ve been running very early in the morning before my husband leaves for work and while my 8-month old baby is still sleeping. On the ‘warmer’ weekend days when the mercury rises to 35 degrees, I’ve been able to bundle the babe and take him along with me in the running stroller later in the afternoon.

So recently, when Salty Reader Carol posed a question to other running moms, I felt like I definitely had some insight to share!  Here’s Carol’s question:

I want to know how you guys with small kids tell if it is too cold to run outside with them in the stroller, and how you keep them warm when they just want to kick off the blanket!?

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Reader Roundtable: What is Your Oldest Race SWAG?

Can you believe this is still in my closet after nearly 15 years???

Can you believe this is still in my closet after nearly 15 years???

We’ve introduced a new feature on Salty Running called “Reader’s Roundtable,’ and asked all of you to share with us your post-run shower habits and “chicking” stories.  This week, we want to know what ancient race t-shirts, hats and other swag is lurking in the back of your closet!

Recently, I was going through my running shirts when I came across a faded and oversized race tee 2005, then another one from 2003!  Eventually I found that my oldest swag is from 2000!  It’s a white cotton, oversized, unisex faded T-shirt that even has holes under the armpits.

Is it hoarding? Is it sentimental?  Why do we keep these things?

So it’s your turn, ladies (and gents)!  What’s the oldest race swag that you have, and what are its most atrocious features?  Do you wear it?  Would you ever part with it?


Comment of the Month – January

COTM BadgeWell, it’s been a whirlwind of a year already, and it’s already time for January’s Comment of the Month winner.  As usual, we had a ton of great comments to cull through, from those on Allspice’s Letting Go of the Numbers Game post to Jasmine’s introduction to her treadmill-only sub-3 marathon training plan post to Catnip’s Time off? On Purpose? post. But we had to pick a winner, and the winner is… Read more

5 Ways Christian Grey’s Got Nothing On Running

fri5s&mSo the bestselling book turned potential blockbuster comes to theaters today, just in time for Valentine’s Day. I have not read the book. Personally, I’m more of a Magic Mike kinda girl. But it’s hard to escape the previews, the newsfeed posts, and the late night talk show circuit promoting 50 Shades of Grey. I guess it’s about a guy who’s bedroom tastes are quite different than the norm. He meets a virgin who is intrigued and from what appears in the preview, they go back and forth between pleasure and pain, both in and out of the bedroom.

We’ve all seen the memes about how running is like sex and we even shared how we think running is better than sex. But that’s just with “sex” sex. What about “Christian Grey” sex? Well, he’s got nothing on running. Read more

Ask-A-Salty: Returning to Running After a C-Section

Got questions? Just ask!

Got questions? Just ask!

Ask-A-Salty is the feature where YOU ask the questions and WE give you the answers! (If you have a question, you can ask us here.) Today’s question comes to us via Basil:

So my friend and running coach had a c-section (her first baby) 11 weeks ago and has been returning to running/training over the past 6 weeks. She’s been good about building back slowly, but is still having some pain near the incision when she does any tempo work or longer stuff (like 8 miles). Have any of you (or anyone you know) returned to running and training after a c-section and experienced this? She’s trying to figure out whether it’s not a big deal and she can keep pushing through it, or whether she should back off a little to give it more time to heal.

We were really excited to field this question, since c-sections are one of the few pregnancy-related topics Salty Running hasn’t covered.  And as it turns out, several of the Salty bloggers have been there and shared a great discussion about their recoveries.  Peppadew takes the helm after the jump!
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When It’s OK to #sweatlikeagirl and When It’s Not

Pit stain is normal if you are working out. Not so normal if you are just sitting around watching TV.

Pit stains are normal if you are working out. Not so normal if you are just sitting around watching TV.

Many women worry that they sweat too much. How much is too much? It’s a tricky question with a more complicated answer. Before we explore this issue, let’s be clear on one thing: sweating is normal. In fact, sweating is needed. It’s your body’s way of cooling itself down. So, one of the first things you can do if you think you might sweat too much is recognize that when you are running or working out in general, it’s ok to have some arm pit stains or sweat dripping down your back or sweat in places that make you look like you peed your pants. It’s normal!

What is not normal? I can tell you firsthand.
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Clove’s Big Announcement!!!

I was here for DB and now he's going to be coming back for me.

I was here for DB and now he’s going to be coming back for me.

I’m going to need bottles.  Lots of them.

So let’s let the cat out of the bag, and quickly.  I won’t be needing baby bottles, I’ll be needing water bottles.  Lots of them.  ‘Cause Clove’s been accepted to run BADWATER.

Yes, the Badwater 135, the mysterious, storied, painful, beautiful, at times completely unfathomable, Badwater.  135 miles across Death Valley, from the lowest point in the continental US (the Badwater Basin) to the (almost) highest, the Whitney Portal.

Not the news you might have been expecting when you heard I was back.  I get it. Read more