Coriander’s Mohican 100 Race Report

A podium finish last year meant an elite number (and extra pressure) this year!

A podium finish last year meant an elite number (and extra pressure) this year!

It was nearing 4 a.m. on June 21st and I was ready to go: shoes on, bug spray and body glide applied, watches set, pack filled. All I had to do was get out of the chair, hop in the car, drive the 10 minutes to the start line and run for the next 24-25 hours or so. That was it.

“Are you OK?” my friend, Erin, asked me.

“I should’ve dropped down to the 50,” I replied.

It was the longest day of the year and I was about to run  my second 100 mile trail race at Mohican, the same location as my first 100 last year and I had every reason to have dropped down in distance. In the months leading up to the race, I broke up with my boyfriend of the majority of the last seven years, started a new career, moved to a new house and neighborhood, started dating again and just had so much life stress that I’m sure anyone would have understood if I had either not started at all or dropped to the shorter distance.

But I was running and racing well, setting new PRs in the 50K (road and trail), taking second at one race and two other top ten finishes. I nailed almost every single workout my coach gave me and my long run paces were strong. Physically, I was ready for 100 miles. Mentally, not so much. Read more

Basil’s Her Tern Half Marathon Race Report

Me and my new coach (and yes, she's racing for two these days!)

Me and my new coach (and yes, she’s racing for two these days!)

It was a no excuses kind of day.  Partly cloudy, 55 degrees, no injuries or niggles to contend with, and I’d even had a decent night of sleep. Still, I was convinced that when I lined up for the Her Tern Half Marathon, I’d be putting myself through a hundred minutes of pain (or more) with zero chance of a PR. I felt under trained for the distance–a feeling my recent tempo runs had only reinforced.  And though my last half marathon was well over a year ago, I remembered the suffering like it was yesterday. I didn’t think I could knock out anything close to the 1:38:48 PR I’d achieved with Salty by my side to pace and push me.

My running buddy and new coach Michelle finally convinced me to sign up for it a week prior to the race. I’d been hedging and thinking up all kinds of silly excuses why I didn’t want to do it. But when she pulled the “no matter the outcome, it will help you get stronger” card, I couldn’t argue. Plus, it was an all-women’s race with mimosas and cupcakes at the end. So there was that. Read more

When Easy’s Not Easy, Make Your Easy Runs More Fun!

English: A bored person

Are you bored by your easy runs? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Easy running can be boring and tedious. I want to go faster! I have things to do and sometimes running slowly makes me think of all that other stuff – laundry, grocery lists, figuring out what the smell is in the fridge…  And when I snap back to reality I tend to find that I’ve slowed to a near-crawl.  It’s always hard for me to keep a consistent speed, but when I’m doing an easy run that problem can really get the better of me!

Many running sites don’t bother giving tips for easy runs. It’s the bran to your raisins or the bun to your burger:  totally necessary to make a meal, but certainly not the main attraction.  But here at Salty Running we get into it all, and what better day than a Monday to turn a yawn-fest into something you can look forward to? Read more

Comment of the Week – 7.19.2014

Who wins the Salty Prize?

Who wins the Salty Prize?

Another delightful week in Salty Running-land! (can you tell I’ve had my daily dose of run-spiration?)  From tips for running in the heat to Basil’s confession’s about how to be too nice on race day, we’ve had a lot of great conversations going on!

One of the big steps forward for women’s running, in my opinion, has been an understanding (and even welcome) of running whilst pregnant.  But as a runner, it’s also okay to take that time off, and that post spurred a conversation from which we pulled our comment of the week winner.  Who won the prize? Read more

Five Signs You’re Too Nice to Race Like a B*!@#

A couple months ago when I was sidelined by an injury and couldn’t run, much less race, I voiced some of my frustrations to a friend. I was trying to explain how running is one of the few things in life that I do solely for me–an area where I can focus on myself and my goals and give that annoying overly-competitive part of me an acceptable outlet. But it came out as: “Running is the one part of my life where I can be an a-hole.” Months later, she still likes to quote me on that one.

But apparently I haven’t completely shed my nice old lady persona, since last weekend when I lined up for a 5K I found myself acting more gracious than tenacious. And out of that experience came these five glaringly obvious signs you’re too nice to race like a bitch: Read more

Hot and Salty – Running in the Heat!

Coconut Weather Station - Hawaiian Humor

If the coconut is sad and dripping wet, it just finished running.  (Photo credit: IronRodArt)

Living in a place of perpetual summer, you’d think it would be easy to adjust to running in slightly hotter weather…but it’s not.  I’m not complaining mind you, but when you acclimate to Hawaii weather, any change, warmer or cooler, seems drastic.  So after turning down the air conditioning  I’ve come up with a short-but-sweet plan to beat the heat over the next few months. Read more

It’s Okay to Stop Running During Pregnancy

English: pregnancy at 8th month

Sometimes all you want to do is lie in bed. And that’s okay! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The great thing about being a woman in distance running today is that the stigma is gone. Not only are we allowed to participated in events of all distances, it’s becoming more and more acceptable to do so during that magical time called pregnancy. Thanks in part to a number of elite runners who ran while gestating, experts espousing the benefits of continuing to run during pregnancy and sites like this here Salty Running, taking your baby bump out for a jog is now both socially and medically acceptable in most cases.

That said, what if you’re struggling with continuing to run during pregnancy?  Or what if you just want to take the 9 months off from running? Is there something in the runner code that says we have to continue running during our pregnancies?

The answer is no, of course not. Absolutely no one is going to argue with you if you decide to take it easy. That said, if you need a bit of help convincing yourself, here’s a few reasons why rest might be best. Read more

Battle of the Spouses

running love

This pretty much sums it up. Photo credit: Runner’s World Online

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the Thief of Joy,” and that seems particularly applicable when it comes to comparing my running with my husband’s. Every time we register for a race, Mr. Comparison sneaks in my window and helps himself to my stash of joy.

I started running almost 10 years before my husband had ever even laced up a pair of running shoes. During our first year of dating he’d ride his bike to the local races and cheer me on, even following me along the course during my first marathon. The next year he decided to try running himself. I remember having to run backwards at times so he could keep up, and the first 5k we ran together was my slowest finish time ever. Later that same year we ran the famous Bolder Boulder 10k, and although he finished behind me, it wasn’t quite as far behind as I thought it would be. I’m pretty sure this is when Mr. Comparison started getting interested in thievery. Read more

Comment of the week – 7.12.2014

The winner is a first-time commenter this week!  Is it you?

The winner is a first-time commenter this week! Is it you?

It was a close one this week. And by close one, I mean that until 6 am this morning I wasn’t even sure I’d get a Comment of the Week post done! But, as I promised weeks ago (okay, maybe just two weeks ago), I (Cilantro) and Comment of the Week, are back. I keep my promises.

As y’all are enjoying your pre-run coffee (or maybe you are already done?), we are excited to announce this weeks winner is a first-time commenter! Who takes home the Salty prize? Read more