Death by Sitting

Sit 08860

Don’t just sit there… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sitting has been getting a lot of media attention lately. Apparently it’s now considered almost as bad as smoking for increasing the risk of dying early. Each time I see the headlines in the newspaper or online, I nod my head in agreement and think “Uh-huh, all those people who don’t exercise are killing themselves. Sure am glad I’m a runner and don’t have to worry about that.” Well, turns out that my hour or two a day of running or other workouts won’t do squat to protect me if I spend the rest of the day sitting on my butt. Read more

The Run Less Run Faster Experiment – Week 3

#Runnerselfie in front of one of the houses I grew up in.

#Runnerselfie in front of one of the houses I grew up in.

This week’s recap is going to be somewhat NRR. NRR is speak for a non-running related topic on their world famous message boards. My NRR is on aging. Friends, help me out. When I turned thirty last year, nothing really felt that different. I didn’t feel old. I didn’t feel tired. I didn’t feel achy. I felt like I did the day before when I was 29.

Enter 31. Back in February, I grew another year older. My first year as a 30-year-old turned out to be a wild one with many twists and turns and changes. I didn’t start to feel the effects of those changes as they relate to my age until recently. Lately, it’s been hitting me hard. I’ve become nostalgic, which includes dreaming about old houses I grew up in, the grade school I attended, and old neighborhoods. It has finally hit me that crap, life goes fast! I have found myself feeling sad and missing the good ol’ days, which seem so far away now.

I am throwing the question out there for guidance from those who have turned the pages of their youth: Is this normal? Read more

Running out of the Dark

My happy family

My happy family

Exciting news first: This single mother runner will no longer be checking the “single” box after July 2015. This gal is getting married! This amazing man of mine and I met while I was training for my first full marathon and commuting 75-miles one way to work. I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy, but he watched my son while I put in my Saturday morning long runs and he was standing there in the rain at the finish line, which was the first time ever that I wasn’t alone at a race.

I’m blessed to have found a real partner. He runs beside me pushing the jogging stroller and keeps me laughing on the treadmill next to me at the gym when the last thing I want to do is run on a treadmill. I taught him to shorten his stride and increase his turnover and he taught me how to do a burpee without hating it (as much).

But my life wasn’t always so blissful.
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5 Reasons It’s Worth Getting Up to Run Early

Friday 5Scientists have found that the late afternoon is probably the best time to run, as our muscles are loose from almost a full day’s activities, we’re hydrated and full of glycogen and our body clocks are revved up and ready. That’s well and good for most high school runners, but when it comes to picking a time to run each day, most of us do not have the luxury of choosing an optimal time to get our workouts in according to our circadian rhythms.

That being said, when choosing a time to run we all know why not to pick 5:00 a.m. – the dark, the cold, the stiff morning muscles, the slower pace (at least for me), the digestive system not being onboard with the plan, the overwhelming urge to hit the snooze button. Even so, I choose early mornings for many of my runs and what I’ve found in these last few weeks of adjusting to early mornings is that getting the miles in before most people step out of bed is so worth prying my weary mom body out of bed. Read more

Taking the Long Road: Staying Focused on the Big Goals


Think big! Don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees.

I will toe the line this weekend in my seventh marathon, and here’s hoping that seven is a lucky number that day! For this is the day that I go after one of my “big G” Goals: qualifying for my first Boston Marathon.

Basil recently wrote about getting through the no-man’s land of marathon training, and it’s been a long 18 week training cycle. However, that’s only at first glance; 18 weeks doesn’t quite do this one justice. Not only was there this snow- and ice-filled training cycle, but the one before that, and the one before that… You get the idea. And finally here I stand on what is – hopefully – the final step of my marathon of a journey.

So how do you see the forest for the trees when it comes to chasing a big goal?

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A Case of the DNFs

Relaxing with my feet up and a blanket with one of my teammates before my second DNF ever.

Relaxing with my feet up and a blanket with one of my teammates before my second DNF ever.

The first race of the outdoor season brings with it excitement and worry, as it’s time for me to gear up for my main event, the 10k, which only takes place on the outdoor track. As we traveled down south for our first meet, I was excited to get a chance to run an 800m race and a 5K. On Friday, I ran a middle leg of the 4x800m relay. It was a nice workout and my legs felt ready to run a 5K the next day. After PRing by a good thirty seconds indoor, I was ready for another fast race.

But it wasn’t to be. I DNFed the second outdoor 5K of my running career. Read more

The Run Less Run Faster Experiment – Week 2

Don't I look like I've been a GPS wearing runner for longer than 2 weeks?

Don’t I look like I’ve been a GPS wearing runner for longer than 2 weeks?

Welcome to the recap for Week 2 of 14 of the RLRF Experiment. The highlight of this week occurred during a piddly 2 mile run on Friday. I had been quite sore from Thursday’s workout (more on that later) and so I went into the run assuming I would feel like crap. I was judging the run before I even took one step. In fact, I did this for an entire year. Last year to be exact.  The running by feel method I had  put on blast all of last year was actually misleading. Nearly every day, I was running sluggishly because guess what? Read more

Is Running Bad For Your Heart?


Might we all just hit the couch, eat lard and smoke cigarettes?

Over the last year, distance running has become increasingly linked to heart damage and early mortality risks. The day the headline made it into our local newspaper, the first phone call was from my mother. “You know, you’re probably killing yourself with all that running you do.” Of course, I took her comment with a huge grain of salt. This is the same woman who called me on my 50th birthday and asked if I was going to miss running, because of course, women my age don’t run. Throughout the day, every non-runner I know made it a point to ask if I’d seen the paper. After reading the article, I decided to do some research, with the intention of refuting the claims.

Could competitive running really be damaging our hearts? Read more

Going Stag: Do You Race Alone?

Running Shoes

Our running shoes always have a date, but do we need one to hit up a race? (Photo credit: jdn)

I had a conversation with Cinnamon recently about racing alone. She mentioned that, being single, she looks around at the end of races to folks reuniting with their cheering squads after the finish line and feels a little bit left out, like everyone has someone there except for her. I know she’s not alone in feeling that way and she’s also not alone in racing on her own.

Loyal Salty followers, let me assure you – if you cross the finish line with no one cheering for you except Pat Benatar in your headphones, if you go through the chute and pick up your oranges, bagels, bananas and beer with no one to share them with, if you visit the schwag tents by yourself and slip free Kind bars into your pockets for later, and then get into your car to drive yourself home … you are not alone! Even the great Salty races by herself. Read more